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Wellspring offers free weekend events that bring Oklahomans together – around common life experiences – in a safe and welcoming environment that inspires community support, personal growth and hope.

During the weekend, you’ll…


practical communication skills and team-building strategies to strengthen your relationships.


with others going through similar experiences and build a network of support.


your sense of hope and return home prepared to flourish.


on and strengthen yourself, your relationships and your family.

Invest your time
and participation,

not your money

We provide:

Hotel accommodations

We may assist with:

Credit for education hours

The Wellspring Experience

Your source for renewed hope
During the weekend, you’ll have access to relationship experts, relevant resources and support to invest in yourself, your family and your future.

We believe no matter how things are now – they can always get better.
We genuinely care about you and your family’s well-being.
We’ll share relationship tools to help you approach issues in a different way.
We hope to awaken new possibilities to help you navigate life’s ups and downs.
We’ve designed a weekend full of fun and activity.

Interested in Attending?

Connect with us to assess your eligibility for Wellspring and to let us know which events you are interested in.

Adoptive Parents
Adoptive Parents
For parents with an adopted child, with special consideration given to those who adopted through Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare Services.
Foster Parents
Foster Parents
For parents caring for a child in foster care, trained as Oklahoma Department of Human Services foster parents or Safe Families Oklahoma host families.
Grandfamilies and Relative Caregivers
Grandfamilies and Relative Caregivers
For parents who are either the guardians or primary caregivers for their grandchildren or other relatives.
Parents Caring for a Child with Autism
Parents Caring for a Child with Autism
For parents with a child on the autism spectrum.
Parents Caring for a Child with Special Needs
Parents Caring for a Child with Special Needs
For parents caring for a child with special medical or developmental needs.
For parents with children in the home from a previous relationship.

Team Wellspring

We’re real people committed to supporting you and cheering you on. Think of us as your go-to team, by your side throughout the Wellspring experience. If you have any questions or need anything, let us know!

Meet Our Team

Katherine Cooper
Senior Project Manager
Alicia Clark
Project Specialist

Have a Question?

We’re here to answer your questions, speak with your group, or send you information.

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