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What You’ll Learn

Our weekends are tailor-made to focus on relationship tools and topics relevant to each group’s needs.

3 Keys to Success

Learn tools to improve your relationships. The quality of our relationships is linked to our mental health, earning power, quality of life, job performance and more.

Discover Ways to Safeguard Hope

Identify ways that we sometimes hurt instead of help situations. Our expectations impact how we experience life. As we learn to identify them, we can evaluate our part in conflict and discover ways to work as a team.

Gain Skills for Strong Communication

Improve relationships by being a better communicator. Learn to really listen for understanding and not just to respond. Practice speaking in a way that someone else can understand what’s really important to you. With the skills to have important conversations, you can talk more and fight less.

Connect + Share Social Support

We all need a network of support in life. Look outside of your immediate family and develop a healthy network of friends and community resources to support you. At Wellspring you can develop friendships and share with others who have similar experiences. Others can gain encouragement and support from hearing about your journey too.

Grow Your Knowledge Base and Benefit From Community Leaders

During our Expert Sessions, you’ll hear from community leaders who share insights about challenging areas of life. You’ll also have access to tools and resources as we invite other organizations to be a part of the weekend. Explore (or find) resources within the community to move forward on your journey.

Discover Future Possibilities

Examine the important milestones in your life and think through how they shaped who you are. After looking back, we will plan for the future — looking ahead and using the tools from this weekend to build your path to a brighter future.