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Grandfamilies and Relative Caregivers

Who We Serve

Wellspring offers weekend experiences for those who are either the guardians or primary caregivers for their grandchildren or other relatives.

Common Experiences

Each weekend is tailor-made for those going through similar experiences to find the relationship tools, support and hope they need to overcome their unique challenges.

Have you or someone you love experienced:

A desire for more time to connect with your partner

Grief over changes in your relationship with your child or other relative

Uncertainty over where to turn for support and resources

Feeling overwhelmed by behavior of children in your care and how to correct them

Satisfaction in seeing children in your care blossom

How Wellspring Can Help

  • Reconnect with Hope

    It’s a vision or goal you have for your future. It’s the relationship skills and tools you use to get there. And it’s the motivation to keep going until you achieve your goal. Wellspring helps you find that hope, use it and share it.

  • Time to Renew

    Wellspring gives you time to step back from your day-to-day challenges to see things with a fresh perspective.

  • Find Resources

    At our Tools + Resources session, you can connect with community partners who have additional services to help you reach your goals.

    Example: Sunbeam Family Services is a Wellspring partner that can help with:

    • Monthly support group
    • Access to resources
    • Training and tools
  • Build Your Network of Support

    It’s easy to feel isolated when we’re overwhelmed. Wellspring helps connect you to other families facing similar issues.


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